This study was performed by an professional certified Geobiologist.


The geobiologic evaluation is used to analyse, locate – diagnose and modify electromagnetic disturbances


The following points were analysed:

- Underground aquafers

- Underground faults

- Curry grids

- The Great Diagonal Grid

- The sacred grid (present in our area)

- Hartmann Grids

- Vibration rates using the Simoneton and Bovis method

- The presence of electrical and electromagnetic grids

- An analysis of earth samples




 The following points were modified:

-Work and meeting areas: internet wiring (for employee comfort)

-Raw material storage rooms (kept in the sacred grid)

-Bottling rooms and other work areas (kept in the sacred grid)

-Storage rooms (kept in the sacred grid at increased vibration rate)


Bottles are analysed by sampling (per lot) to determine the minimum vibration rate

-The analyses consisted of analysing the raw materials before and after energisation

-The vibration quality and rate of the capsules

-The raw materials placed into the capsules

-The capsules placed into the bottles

-The capsule bottles received by mail

-The life expectancy of the vibration rate after shipping

-Addition of a waveform represented by the “Flower of Life” placed in every shipment




The work, performed by a professional enabled our laboratory to meet the needs of therapists seeking to provide added value to our NUTRIBIO-WELL PRODUCT phytotherapy, by energising these products to increase their effectivity.


Our line is provided at vibration rates between 40.000 and 150.000 BOVIS.